We are a company with responsibility in the area of social health. We bring options in the patient treatment, supplying medicines at the government sector.

The company initiated operations in July 2006, with all the process of registry in the sector of the government, permissions of the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Regency, state supplier, necessary and indispensable permissions of operation etc, requirements demanded by our Costa Rican legislation.

This company was constituted with the vision to serve in the area of health according to the needs, maintaining as a main objective social responsibility and human values.

Medical Center MCC S.A. counts with a strong work of market investigation, as well as telemarketing constant and visits at the C.C.S.S. and all the areas of health of the country, to present to us more strongly in the national market obtaining a profitable and competitive company in the market.

With pride we know that we contribute to the development of the public health of our country when offering medicines of high quality, a high range of solutions, and applications in this sector.



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